DJ Studio 3 FULL 3.1.4 Android Apk App Full

DJ Studio 3 FULL v3.1.4
Requirements: Android OS 1.6+
Overview: Throw a tune on the deck, mix it or start scratching while on the go!
 Verified compatibility:
- Nexus One, Nexus S
- HTC myTouch, Desire, EVO 4G
- Motorola XOOM, DroidX
- Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab
- Sony X10, X8, X10-mini
- Acer Iconia A500

New features:
- Complete new browser to search by folder, name, artiste or album!
- Coverflow display
- Possiblity to add a song or an entire folder to the playlist
- Integrated playlist shared between the 2 decks
- Possibility to add, move, remove song and assign side in the playlist
- Dedicated screen for samples
- Possiblity to add and replace samples
- Possiblitity to play, pause, loop and adjust volume of samples
- Dedicated screen for recorder with VUMeter and record list
- Possiblity to delete or play the records.
- Possiblity to upload records to SoundCloud with a dedicated button
- Left and right gain potentiometer
- Master volume potentiometer
- Instant song load on the table and background loading progression display
- HD graphics for tablets
- Lot more ...

Main features:
- No ads!
- Instant song loading time
- Multi-skin
- Real disc physics
- Advanced disc engine
- Usable tone arm to set progression
- Background loading option
- MP3 and WAV real time pitch shift
- Smart automix feature(automatically crossfades to next track in the current playlist or on the second deck)
- Dedicated playlists for deck 1 & 2
- Auto-saving playlists
- START and BRAKE disk speed adjustment such has CDJ 1000MK
- Twin deck on one screen
- Single deck mode for each deck with landscape and portrait support
- Jog size auto-fit option for large resolutions
- Dedicated volume controls for deck 1 & 2
- Smooth and responsive controls
- Music waveform visualization with tempo markers
- Automatic BPM detection
- Manual BPM edition
- Loops with IN and OUT adjustment
- Possibility to CUT loops
- CUE save and recall
- Record through mic during 5 mins
- Upload your records to your SoundCloud account.
- Embedded effects such as spinning back tap, DJ scratches, laser shots, horns

What's in this version:
graphics stretch bug fixes
new zoom feature on waveform
Song browser has new display modes : by folder, name, artist or album
Able to browse anywhere in folder mode (i.e Acer A500, Galaxy Tabs)
Better performances
New/HD graphs
heap memory optimizations.
Sampler : load and play issues fixed!
Graphic enhancements
Artwork on vinyl.
Scratch improved
Pitch shift slider fix.
Song import dialog
Start-up help screen
Support of ID3Tags
Split screen mode for tablets!

How To Download?
1. Click on the Above links
2. Wait for few seconds and then click on


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